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Alternative Fuels

Blake Oil Company offers alternative fuel delivery services to Kirkland, Rockford, and all across North-Central Illinois. Soy-blended diesel and other biofuels are a new way of helping America break its dependence on foreign oil and support the American farmer. That's why we custom blend our own high-quality bio-diesels from ONLY American-grown soybeans. We do not use any animal fats or recycled vegetable oils. Most people don’t think that they can run biodiesel in the winter months, but we have successfully used B11 biodiesel throughout the winter with no issues. That is why we only use 100% soy oil because it is a proven quality product. Blake Oil Company also handles Bio in the winter much differently than our competitors. We guarantee next-day or sooner delivery on all our biofuels - call us today!

Our Alternative Fuel Services Include:

  • Custom Blended Bio Diesels
  • Double-Filtered 100% Soy Oil Fuel
  • Pure B-100 Soy Oil Fuels
  • B-11 Blended Bio-Diesel
  • In-House Custom Fuel Blending

Have questions about bio-fuels?

Contact Blake Oil Company today at (815) 522-3521 to schedule your alternative fuel delivery, or browse our website for more information on our Fuel Delivery Service or our Oils and Industrial Lubricants.